Picture book online library

A great resource for any classroom is a book library. With online resources it is now possible to have the library in your classroom!  There are not that many free picture book sites (most of them require a subscription) but Big Universe has an extensive selection of visually attractive picture books from elementary through to  the middle school range.   The books need to be read as there is no audio file attached to them.  I guess for copyright reasons we’re not (yet) going to get picture books and audio together.      

The other great things about this site is that you (or your students) can use the author tools to create their own books. All the tools are there: backgrounds, animals, characters, backdrops, buildings, objects … all that is needed is an imagination.  There are also tips from authors to help budding writers.  Therefore, there is not only an extensive range of published books, but also books by aspiring authors.

If anyone has come across any other great picture books sites, I’d love to hear about them.