Maths online

It’s hard to keep up with all the innovative and great resources that the internet offers for learners, it truly is an age where resources abound as never before.  I only wish that I could have had access to a fraction of what is now available during my school days.  Maths was never my strongest subject and I know that the gaps that remained through my schooling have followed me to adulthood.  Now, instead of enrolling in a maths class (which of course I never did) I can fill in the gaps from  home with my own personal tutor.  Math online is a wonderful free resource available to all Australian high school students (teachers and parents) and covers the whole Australian maths high school curricula from grade 7-12.  You can see the demonstration here.  There hundreds of  lessons explained by a tutor (video) going over the concepts and examples.  There are worksheets, answers and a summary which can be printed for reference.  Students results are recorded online.  I’m really impressed with this resource which is a great example of 21st century learning and encouraging students to take control of their learning.  Great for ongoing learning as well as exam review and for parents to provide support when their children are seeking homework help.