ABC Splash – New Australian Education Webiste

If you haven’t come across it yet ABC Splash this is a fabulous resource full of free  videos, audio clips and games.   The ABC has collaborated with Education Services Australia to provide  hundreds of new learning resources directly to the Australian Curriculum.

Available on the site are  latest technology  games, virtual worlds and immersive digital experiences.  Resources for English, Maths, Science and History across the curriculum.

Worth exploring!

Commonsense Media

Looking for suitable age appropriate resources across the age range  –  books, movies, apps, websites, games: Commonsense media provides a database as well as advice and reviews.  Saves a lot of hunting around.

Games (not computer) in the classroom (and outside)

Games are a great way to change pace, motivate, learn and allow students time away from their desks.  They can be great for developing leadership and co-operative skills.

A friend alerted me to this wonderful site which has ample games for all aged students. I’m going through finding new ones to use!  Visit Mr Gym, click on the left hand side for games and activities. Here there are numerous games – co-operative games, games for small spaces and many others