Virtues, values and citizenship resources

I was searching for resources for primary school students on virtues and values such as respect, caring, fairness, responsibility and trust etc.

I came across Go-Givers which is a project developed by the Citizenship Foundation, an independent charity based in the UK.  This wonderful site has resources for teachers, parents and children which states the fo

llowing aims and objectives:

Go-Givers has been developed in the belief that our children’s education should have its basis in a philosophy of personal responsibility, mutual respect and concern for the world we live in.

Its purpose is to create ‘Ripples of care across the World’ by means of educating children to care for their family and friends and about issues relating to the local, national and global communities.

  • To develop an understanding of Human rights/Children’s rights
  • To cultivate an insight into other people’s problems and their causes
  • To inform how resources are allocated through the taxation system and charitable giving.
  • To inspire compassion linked to social and moral responsibility
  • To enhance the skills of communication, and participation in the community.
  • To develop the ability to make choices, set goals and take action.
  • Respect for other people’s views and experience
  • Empathy
  • Care
  • Concern to act fairly
  • Spirit of enquiry
  • A positive view on things
  • Can prioritise according to Human Rights/Children’s Rights
  • Understands what makes a responsible Citizen
  • Ackno wledges rights and responsibilities
  • Appreciates ethnic/cultural differences/values/customs

The teachers resources include powerpoint presentations on the topic and printable pdf worksheets which are excellent. The lessons are by themes or subjects.  Lessons by Theme include:

Diversity and Cohesion: lessons such as All for Profit (child labour), Equal Opportunities (the nature of prejudice), Freedom (from slavery), media representations and other great real world situations.

Feelings: Mind the Gap (third world living), There’s No Place Like Home (homelessness)

Global Issues: Charities Helping Areas At Risk, Migrating to a Foreign Country, Famous Philanthropists, Fair Trade, Environmental Issues, Unity of Religions, Working for Peace.

Other Themes include: Rights and Responsibilities, Equal Opportunities, Friendship and Care, Democracy, Money, Sustainability and Values.

The resources cover many subject areas: art and design, geography, history, ICT, music, numeracy and literacy, SOSE, religious education, science and physical activity.

These are wonderful resources to raise awareness amongst students and guide them towards being thoughtful, caring, responsible citizens.  Suitable for lower and upper primary.