Kwik Surveys

I have posted about tools for creating survey and questionnaire’s before and today came across Kwik Surveys, on Patricia Donaghy’s site, Free Resources for Education, which is a great easy tool to create and analyse surveys. This is a good one to use in a class situation (there’s no advertising on the site) where you want the students to create surveys or questions and then send them to their peers.  All that is required to register is an email address and password.  Once created, the surveys can be emailed to recipients, or placed in a blog.

The interface is quite straightforward. Click on New to create a new survey. Click on the plus sign to create a new question. There’s a range of types of questions that can be used such as multiple choice and text responses. Keep using the plus sign to add more questions until you have finished. Click on the account icon to save your completed survey. Once your survey is complete, you can launch it by sending an url link in an email or obtaining the code to embed in a blog. Then go back into your account to view the results of your survey.  When you create an account, it is not necessary to complete the whole form, as long as you have a user-name and a password, you can use the tool. This makes it great for classroom use, since students only need to provide their email addresses and not other personal details.

One of my favourite blog writers, Sue Waters, has written about a poll tool, Vizu, which you can read about in Sue’s post.  This seems to be a great tool to add to a blog to get feedback or responses.  There are a few great free survey tools available, but it seems to be a case of getting the right one for your needs.

In a previous post on creating quizzes, I was looking for something that would be suitable for classroom use, for students to send quizzes to each other. Kwik Surveys seems an ideal tool for that purpose.