Switching off

Social networking is great for professional interaction and keeping up with friends and family. There was a time when these facilities were not available and despite adding enrichment to our lives, it is, as with everything, a question of balance.  That means ensuring that we don’t neglect other important areas of our lives.  There have been stories of people becoming addicted to internet games and never spending time with their family because they are always on the computer.    Trying to manage keeping up with it all can seem an overwhelming task (especially if you belong to several networks, blog, twitter, subscribe to RSS and have an interest in technology!)    Some people seem to be able to do which is truly inspiring but it can also add a sense of anxiety that there is still so much to learn.   

Everyone seems to be strapped for time these days yet we are constantly available via SMS, mobile phones, emails and so on.   Employers expect more than 9-5pm hours and everyone has a laptop so they can ‘catch up’ at home.  We take home work, and spend evenings and weekends on the computer.  Additionally, technology tools make it so we can be tuned in 24/7 with ipods and other portable devices.

How dependant we have become on all the tools we have available.  This Saturday my city is having an ‘energy conserving’ hour from 8pm-9pm.  I wonder how many people will experience withdrawal symtoms from turning off their phones and their appliances. 

I love this quote Vick Davis, Cool Cat Teacher, posted to her blog:

Beware the things you try to master lest you become the servant and it becomes the master!

What a great reminder to keep things in balance!  Switching off and taking time out are what we all need on a regular basis to remain healthy, caring and productive in all areas of our lives.