The power of group learning

This is a truly inspirational video by Sugata Mitra, an Indian education scientist who initiated self learning in children who had no opportunity to attend school. He transferred the success of this scheme, to children in the school environment, again with success.  His proposal for self organised learning environments, shows the power of group learning.

A star is born

If you haven’t seen the video of Susan Boyle singing on Britain’s Got Talent, 2009, it is an intensely moving and inspirational experience.  Despite negative vibes from the audience and judges before she performed, Susan was not swayed and remained calm and confident in pursuance of her goal.  Along with her performance, Susan taught some great lessons:

Susan Boyle taught us all that we should not be put off by others’ preconceived judgements.  How many students are judged by how they appear?  Especially students with challenges.   It is all too easy for them to be labelled as difficult or disruptive, unable to learn and lacking in intelligence (especially if they have poor verbal skills).   Given the opportunity Susan Boyle surpassed the judges expectations.  Many educators have this belief in the students they teach, but many also do not, preferring to label them in some way.  Susan taught us to see there is more to a person than what we initially perceive.

Let us all take that and apply it to others that cross our paths.

Image by Albino Flea