Refining Flickr searches

There is no doubt about the usefulness of Flickr for image sharing. A couple of tools that can assist the user (and may not be as commonly known as Flickr itself) are flickr-storm and flickrCC.  I was going to write a post about each of these but since they have already been done, I’ll conveniently provide the links here.

ICT Guy has done all the hard work for me (thanks!) with images of how the site works so visit his post at A perfect flickr storm.

What I particularly like about flickr-storm is the fact that you can search for images within the licencing category you are after. Just under the ‘keyword search box’ there is an advanced button. When you click on this  a drop-down box will appear just to the right of the search box, and you can then select what type of licensed images you want.

A Joyful Jubiliant Learning has posted a helpful post about the meaning of the different creative commons licencing terms and it is here that I came across flickrCC.

FlickrCC is a site published by Peter Shanks (an Information Technology Teacher at Bathurst TAFE, Sydney, Australia) to help search for free, Creative Commons licensed Flickr images.  Thanks Peter!