Discover something new to do with Google

Find a new thing to do with Google today … I came across this list on Phil Bradley’s Weblog.     One of my many goals is to broaden my range of search skills so utilising some of Google’s features is a good place to start.    There are 52 tips on the full list, here are some of them. 

Have your daily schedule sent to you daily

Search the Web Elmer Fudd Style

How to Learn a skill in a minute

Fill in Web forms with one click

Flight arrival and departure times in real time

Map out the local sights for visitors

Browse the classics without opening a book

If you are interested in broadening your information literacy, a good place to start is The Keyword Blog, 21st Century Information Fluency , both facilitated by Dennis O Connor, a K-12 teacher, professional development specialist, online educator, and educational technology consultant.  Also, Carl Heine’s  Internet Search Challenge Blog.