Changes to Global Teacher platform

Changes have been made to Global Teacher. The new platform is available at Global 2.

The following is an email received notifying all users of the up and coming changes. I am posting it here for readers interest and my own refernce.

This is to update you on the changes that have been made to Global Teacher. 2011 sees the beginning of a new space for DEECD schools to collaborate, communicate and create called Global2.

Like the previous spaces Global Teacher and Global Student, Global2 is an Edublogs campus site, in fact one of the largest in the world, and offers all of the advantages of Edublogs WordPress based blogs but with the support of and integration with DEECD tools.

Global2 will enable DEECD teachers and students to collaborate online with the world. If you are an existing Global Teacher user (formerly then access to your blogs continues with all Global Teacher sites being redirected to the new url:

When you are creating your new blogs for this year please go to and you are on your way.

Because of problems caused by spam blogs, Global2 is designed to automatically only accept new users with an or email account.

All students in DEECD schools have access to a school email account e.g. through your Netspace provider. In some cases teachers may need to ask their technician for the details of student email addresses so as to join students to the Global2 site. Schools who have not yet created these email accounts will need to do so if students are to be included on a Global2 blog.

Previous users of Global Teacher and new users to Global2 who don’t have an email account with one of these domains are invited to apply for access to a Global2 collaborative project blog. Please note any such blog must include one or more DEECD schools within the scope of the blog. To create such a blog simply click on the Collaborative projects tab and follow the prompts.

Please send any questions to

Thank you,

Office for Government School Education