7 Things

I’ve been tagged by Tomaz Lisac for the Meme ‘7 things you don’t know about me’.  This means I need to tell you seven things about myself (that you don’t need to know) and then tag seven educators to reveal their unknown things.  So here goes.

  1. I’m a vegetarian and have been since my teens. I hated meat as a youngster and remember having dinner-ladies stand over me as I tried to force pieces of gristle down my throat (I grew up in England and hot cooked meals were served at all schools).  People always ask does this make eating out difficult. Yes and no.  The best places to find vegetarian meals are indian, chinese and lebanese restaurants.  It annoys me when restaurants can only provide salads as an option and have never heard of tofu!
  2. I have twins, one of whom has Downs’ Syndrome.   When I was pregnant (and was told the facts) I was given the option of aborting him. Again in premature labour, I was given a similar option.   Yes, my son (now eight) is ‘behind’ in many ways compared to his twin brother.  However, he can walk, run, jump, swim, play the drums, fully communicate, love, cry, express concern, care and affection to anyone he meets.  He won’t be a brain surgeon but he will lead a full and purposeful life.
  3. My teachers at school had low expectations for me (which I fulfilled).    I left school early with few qualifications. I went to business college where I repeated my ‘o’ levels, excelled in my other subjects too and was encouraged by my college teachers to become a teacher.   I didn’t do it straight away but eventually did.
  4. I left college at 17 with a shorthand speed of 130 wpm and a typing speed of 80 wpm.  I was told I was over qualified for junior posts and too young for senior secretarial jobs.  After a few years in office jobs (including an embarrassingly short stint in the Navy), I realised I hated office work, took a part-time post as an evening tutor and went to teachers’ college (which I didn’t complete till several years later in another country).  I still feel proud that I fulfilled my post-school teachers’ high expectations.  I remember those teachers that believed in me and how they taught me to succeed.
  5. I loved teaching shorthand (my first teaching post was as a shorthand and typing teacher) and still use it today for note-taking, phone calls and another great use is that I can write confidential notes to myself!
  6. I prefer to use natural remedies whenever possible. It makes sense to identify the cause of any ailment rather than treating only the symptoms.
  7. To maintain a balance in my life, I make the time to pray and meditate every day.  I wake up early to have that quiet time; through prayer and meditation I am able to stay focused on what is important in life.

So here are my 7 nominees … I look forward to your ‘7 Things’.

Patricia Donaghy

Suzie Vesper

Ann Oro

Richard Byrne

Nancy Bosch

Pat Hensley

F Manning