Ipads in the Classroom – One Second Every Day

I am always inspired by Mr P’s ICT Blog and his use of ipads in the classroom. The latest app I will be trying out when we return to school is One Second Every Day which is a fantastic way to share events over a period of time.  It can be used both at home and in the classroom for capturing every day events which when put together create a video showing changes over a period of time. What a great way to capture those developmental stages of childhood as well as a synopsis of a school year or other special events.

Ipads in the classroom

One of my favourite blogs to read on ipads in the classroom is Mr P’s ICT Blog – ipads in the classroom.  I am always inspired as to how he makes learning fun with the use of ipads and I follow the apps he is using rather than trailing through the thousands of apps that are now available.  In his recent post, he gives these 12  ipad lessons for Christmas – all of which can be used across the curriculum, adapting them to suit learner needs and ages.

One suggestion is to use the emoji keyboard on the ipad  to write a story or song, a fun engaging activity for all ages.  How to set your keyboard to use emoji and ideas for use in the classroom.


Ipad apps for literacy

There are so many exciting ways that ipads can enhance learning in the classroom and so many exciting activities that teachers are doing and sharing. I came across Mr P’s ICT Blog – Ipads in the Classroom and picked up so many ideas that I could use for my own classes using apps such as Tiny Tap (read about it here), Mad Libs, Wordventure and Citadel (a computer generated medieval  kingdom, amazing graphics, which  showcases the technical capabilities of the award-winning Unreal Engine 3).

Here is a repost of using Citadel to make a trailer using the imovie app.   Fantastic work!

Ipad Tutorials for Teachers

There are so many apps available for education –  it can be overwhelming and maybe a bit daunting on where to start.  A great new site I came across today which I would like to share is Educational iPad apps and free ipad teacher tutorials. Paul has put some great short tutorials together with  ideas on how to use ipads in learning – a great way to get started using them in the classroom.

Education apps for ipads

There are so many education apps now available, particularly for younger students.  My challenge has been finding suitable apps to meet the needs of older students with literacy and numeracy difficulties that are not too obviously age inappropriate.  The following list can be used by older students and the other great thing is that most of them are free!

Note: the literacy apps: Same Sound, Same Meaning, Opposite Oceans, are very difficult to come by on itunes.  They are available via the creators – NRCC website (right hand side of the page – games).  I have downloaded the first two mentioned  quite successfully, however, when I tried to download them on additional ipads they were identified as not being available  in Australia.


BOOKS  cost
Book Creator $5.50
Free Books
Story Shelf 99c
Audio Books
Ice Age
Little Fear HD
The Flame
Adobe Reader
Neon Tiki Tribe
Smurf Classics
DC Comics
The Age
Same Sound
Same Meaning
Opposite Ocean 99c
Opposite Ocean II 99c
Storylines                                       free
Grammar Up
Kids Vocab
Writing Prompts for Kids (teacher tool) 1.99
Battlle of Words
4 Pics 1 Word
Skill builder spelling
Spelling City
Spelling free
Spelling hero
Culti Words
Find Synonym
Jumbo calculator
Mad maths lite
Maths zombies
Math blaster
Pizza fractions
Pop math
Rocket math
Google earth
NASA app
Travel Atlas
Countries & Capitals
ToonCamera 99c
Photo Editor
aTypo picture
Action Movie
Comic Book! 1.99
Pic Collage
Visualize 99c
davinci note
Haiku Deck
Comic Puppets lite
Perfect Captions
Augmented Reality
Snakes and ladders
Memory Block
Whats the pic
Thesaurus 1.99
Unit converter                    free
Voice recorder

Teaching Practical Money Skills

Looking for real life learning on money for a class, I came across this fantastic resources at Practical Money Skills.  All resources are free and download as workbooks as well as accompanying PPTs.  Resources are available for Primary and Secondary, as well as special needs.

ABC Splash – New Australian Education Webiste

If you haven’t come across it yet ABC Splash this is a fabulous resource full of free  videos, audio clips and games.   The ABC has collaborated with Education Services Australia to provide  hundreds of new learning resources directly to the Australian Curriculum.

Available on the site are  latest technology  games, virtual worlds and immersive digital experiences.  Resources for English, Maths, Science and History across the curriculum.

Worth exploring!

National Film Board App

I was amazed when I came across the National Film Board app it has a huge library of  documentaries, animations, alternative dramas and interactive productions on the net.   also has  playlists and upcoming online releases. All resources are free for personal use and  schools and institutions can apply for a subscription.  Alternatively you can access the resources on the internet.

Basic Skills: Literacy and numeracy resources for adults, ESL, special needs

A huge library of age-appropriate resources for young adultscan be accessed at skills workshop.org. All resources  are all linked to specific levels of the UK Adult Numeracy and Literacy Core Curriculum. Thank you so much for the wonderful sharing available here!

BBC Skillwise  Fabulous site, All free English and Maths for adults.   English and Maths skills for work. Maths includes numbers, percent, calculations, measuring, shapes, graphs.  Videos, worksheets, games and assessments to level 1 (which is workplace entry standard).  English resources include reading, writing, grammar, spelling, speaking and listening.  What is great about these resources is they cover the basics in an adult style so are great to use with learners with disabilities without appearing childish.

Literacy resources : Skills workshop.org

Numeracy resources : Skills workshop.org

Vocational Numeracy Online is a resource for students in vocational education and training.  Relevant and meaningful numeracy resources for young adults which focuses on numeracy skills for occupational use. For example it includes numeracy relevant to the automative industry, business, community services, construction work, food and retail, manufacturing  and engineering, tourism, sports and recreation.  Undoubtedly meaningful and relevant learning for 21st century learners.

Unfortunately the last time I checked for this resource I could not find it.