Apps for Ipad

Education is becoming more and more exciting as a result of new technologies. Computers continue to revolutionize education and anyone who has seen what is available in the way of educational apps is sure to agree that it really is a great time to be a student!  There are numerous apps for education and it can be a little overwhelming in deciding how to find them and what to use.  There are many apps to support special needs learning as well as literacy, numeracy, languages, social skills and so on.  I must say, that there seems to be an incredible number of apps for younger learners.   After that, although there may be apps to support learning (such as text to speech), I am seeing a lack of resources for older students with learning difficulties.  No doubt the market will continue to evolve.  Below I’ve listed some of my favourite places to find educational apps.

Special Needs Apps for Kids (SNAPPS) is an amazing site made up of a community of parents, teachers, doctors and therapists sharing information on how they are using apps with special needs kids. This is an easy to navigate site drop down menus to enable search for specific needs.

Special needs apps for kids


 Smart Apps for Kids  Lots of apps on here are free for trial – usually for a limited time – usually an hour or two.  A great way to look at apps before purchasing.  Most of them do seem to be for younger children.

Appitic: This is a directory of apps for education by Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs) for teaching and learning.  The site is easy to navigate and is extremely well organised under key learning areas as well as categories for Blooms Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligences.

Apps for children with special needs: alphabetical listing and information about all suitable apps

Ipad curriculum: is a great site which will enable a search for suitable app via subject, grade level, price and Blooms Taxonomy. A comprehensive review is given for each app.

Apps in Education: apps categorized under KLAs with great reviews.

Apps for literacy support Spectronics comprehensive list of apps to support literacy.

Ipad and Ipod resources for education: comprehensive listing of apps according to subject area.

Spectronics apps for education: Spectronics blog of Australian, NZ and many others.

Ipads for learning: Apps categorised into subjects for easy searching.

Gerry Kennedy, Spectronics, Ipads in SEN, is an excellent read with tips and ideas for using ipads in special education.