Posters, Certificates, Reward Charts and more

I was looking for behavioural charts so began my search. Teachers are always strapped for time, so rather than having to design these resources, it is worth a little bit of time searching which does save time that it would take to create them from scratch.  Here’s a selection of what I found which other teachers may find to be useful:

Activity Village: stationery, reward certificates, alphabet and number strips, reading logs, games, masks, printable money, spelling charts, blank flash cards as well as special occasion and seasonal printables.

Primary Resources: Classroom management aids such as posters to use in the classroom: good listening, noise level chart, class contract and more; target sheets and behavour checklists and behavioural posters; certificate and reward sticker charts (such as kind and thoughtful, good behaviour, working hard). Smiley face charts, personal goals etc.  Documents are ppt, Word or Publisher, so can be modified to suit.

Worksheet Genuis: This is a great resource as you can create your own desktop published worksheets.  Worksheet Genuis is full of printable worksheets, puzzles and activities that can be differentiated and randomized at the touch of a button.  For example, language resources include anagrams, bingo, falsh cards, matching pairs, mixed-up sentences, phonics, slideshows, spelling tests, word lists and word searches.

Math resources: addition, bingo, clocks, division, subtraction, greater than / less than, larger/smaller, multiplication, percentages and place value.

Free Printables: cards, calendars, games, worksheets, invitations, crafts, labels, nametags, stationery, coupons and more!

ABC Teach: has some excellent early education resources, although not all of them are free and require a subscription.