Effective Classroom Management Strategies

In a previous post I wrote about some of my favourite classroom management strategies.  Below you can view a presentation I prepared for pre-service teachers to give them some strategies they could consider for a smooth running classroom.   Going it alone in a classroom can be a little daunting for newbie teachers without the guidance of a mentor teacher, so getting it right from the beginning can mean teachers make it or sink within their first few weeks, months or year of teaching.   Not only for new teachers, but also experienced teachers who are looking for ideas to improve their classroom management.

Effective Teaching 2 (View PPT – Rules and Procedures )

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2 thoughts on “Effective Classroom Management Strategies

  1. Prudent teachers will start the school year by talking to their students about class rules. You should have a list of regulations written down before discussing each of them in turn with your class.


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