Search with a difference

If you haven’t come across Spezify, check it out.  Spezify is a really neat search tool which acts intuitively by  collecting results from a large number of websites in different visual ways.  This is a great tool for classroom use instead of a list of links and specifically for younger age groups.  I was really impressed with this tool, it’s definitely going to the top of my list!  I ran a search on ‘sustainability’ and the result included great video and images, as well as related words to use for further searches.


Effective Classroom Management Strategies

In a previous post I wrote about some of my favourite classroom management strategies.  Below you can view a presentation I prepared for pre-service teachers to give them some strategies they could consider for a smooth running classroom.   Going it alone in a classroom can be a little daunting for newbie teachers without the guidance of a mentor teacher, so getting it right from the beginning can mean teachers make it or sink within their first few weeks, months or year of teaching.   Not only for new teachers, but also experienced teachers who are looking for ideas to improve their classroom management.

Effective Teaching 2 (View PPT – Rules and Procedures )

View more presentations from madanamo.

Career Choices for students

Working with a group of year 10 students, I found that many of them had no idea what to do when they left school.  I thought it would be really helpful for them to identify their strengths, likes, dislikes, personality traits and so on to determine what kind of career they would be suited to.  The following career choice tests were helpful to students to help them come up with a career choice profile.

Groper: Students need to provide an email and the free report will be emailed to them.  The Career Interests Profiler takes approximately 20 minutes and involves rating your level of interest in a variety of activities, industries and occupations. 

Career Steer The career test which allows students to look at possible career choices.

Free Self Assessment Tools Online This site has several links, The Careers Interests  Game which allows students to match interests and skills with similar careers.  The Princeton Review Career Quiz: Students need to register free for a career profile.  They then complete a 24 question quiz which will match interests and work style with particular careers.