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I wanted to create a booklet and although I found information that enabled me to do this in Word, it was turning into a complex task.    From the print menu I needed to identify my pages in order of printing, ie page 12,1; 2,11; 10,3 etc.  Despite doing this, it wasn’t working as simply as I would have liked.  When I numbered my pages in a 12 page booklet, the printer churned out page after page, with numbers such as 52 and 64 on my pages.    Also it would appear very tedious to have to identify pages in order of printing with a very large document.

I came across a really simple solution via Office Watch.  I saved my Word document as a PDF file, (Office 2007 users can do that with the free Save As PDF add-in) and then printed the PDF saved version as a booklet.

How to print your PDF document as a booklet:

Go to File > Print, then, Page Scaling (left hand side of the Print menu) – click on ‘booklet printing‘.

If your printer is capable of back to back printing, go down to booklet subset (underneath page scaling) and select ‘both sides’.  Quick and simple.

If you are creating your A4 document to be printed as an A5 booklet, I’d recommend replacing a 12 pt font with 17pt in your original document, and make headings 20 pt.

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3 thoughts on “Create a booklet – easy!

  1. Hi Marie
    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I have been so busy as of late that I have hardly been online with twitter or any of my other personal learning networks. My students were heavily involved with the netgened project and now start on the flat classroom projects. Being active there is extremely time consuming but very satisfying. I have learnt so much by being involved with those projects. I like this post on creating pdf documents. Do you have any idea how we could get our school newsletter which is compiled in MS Word into a pdf file that can be published on the web. We would like to add it to our school blog so that parents can pull the newsletter off the blog, by clicking the appropriate link?

  2. Hi Anne

    It’s really great to read all about your developments. You can insert a link to it, the same way you’d link to any other file. should work.

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