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I was searching for some easy quiz creators that I could use for students to create quizzes for their classmates. This is a great way for students to think about the concepts they have covered,  revise what they and have fun testing their peers!

Here’s a run down on the quiz makers that I came across:

Quiz your friends: free, easy and effective quiz creator, unfortunately the ads make it inappropriate for classroom use.  I’ve written to the creators asking if they can make it school-friendly.  This would be perfect for students to create quizzes, no registration required.

Classmarker: Requires registration but is free.  You simply create your quizzes and your learners or business clients take them online.  Great for teachers to create quizzes for students, but not really suitable for students to create their own quizzes to exchange with each other.

Mystudiyo is a free quiz creator that enables you to build a quiz and add it to your site. Great looking quizzes with a choice of templates.  As I learned from Larry Ferlazzo’s site,  Sue Waters has great screenshots about how Mystudiyo works.

I have written about Quia and Yacapaca! in a previous post, both of which have quiz making facilities. However, they are  teacher-generated.

So I haven’t found exactly what I am looking for. I’ll use Classmarker to create quizzes for students to do, but I’d really love to use Quiz your friends if only they could clean up the page.

After writing this post, Larry Ferlazzo kindly responsed to my plea and directed me to a few more options.

Smile allows teachers and students to create quizzes, drag-and-drop exercises and sequencing events.  The interface is very simple and clean, so very appropriate for student use.

Another extremely useful tool is to use google spreadsheets which enables users to create forms. These can be used as quizzes including multiple choice.  See Anne’s instructions for form creation.  I guess the only lacking in this tool is that it doesn’t give the sender the instant result of whether the answer is correct. Aside from that, it is a great way to create quizzes.

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4 thoughts on “Creating quizzes

  1. Marie, I think it is great for students to create quizzes as well, as this makes them go back and revise without really realising that they are doing that. When you find one, let me know. Our grade 6 students like creating polls so you can see some that they have found at However that is not quite the same.

  2. Anne, I have added to this post since Larry Ferlazzo directed me to a link that enables students to create quizzes at <a href=””Smile.

  3. Hi Marie have just returned to your blog to let you know that I have posted instructions on using google forms and embedding them in your blog.See
    I really like feedjit dont you? However go back to feedjit and grab the code for the traffic, copy it and paste it under the map and you will see the flags, cities and reasons for people coming to your blog. That can be so informative. My kids love having it on their blogs.

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