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If you have Word 2007, there is a really neat tool that will enable you to automatically summarise a lengthy document.  I used it for my previous post: Are Underprivileged Students Better Off Without Computers?

You simply need to add the icon to your tool bar.  The How-To Geek will show you how to do this.  Then whenever you want to summarise a document, click on the summarise icon and you have a choice of options. For example, you can replace the article with a summary, place an executive summary before the article or highlight main points in the article.  Besides being a great time saver for writing summaries, I find it useful when I have to read lengthy reports. If they are web based, I select the article, right click and select ‘text only’  paste them into Word and summarise.

Thanks to Paul Hamilton and  Free Digital Tools for a UDL approach for leading me to this great find.

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6 thoughts on “Summarising tool

  1. Hello Marie, I will try this Word tool to explore its potential… I also really like word clouds/tag clouds. They are wonderful for indexing a blog, but also for analyzing a document. I like to think of word clouds as a wonderful ‘deconstruction’ tool – you could analyze a document or web page paragraph by paragraph to see what the main subject of each is, or do the whole document. As well as giving a wonderful visual summary of key words, you could also use it to build a table of contents etc. One of my favs is, although there are many others. Cheers gail @

  2. Hi Gail, I’ve found the summarising tool to be great … thanks for the tips re cloud tags, never thought of them as a summary tool. I think I’ll add one to my blog!

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