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toondoo-logo.jpg There are several  comic creators available and they are a great tool in the classroom for communication exercises, story writing, reporting factual information and so on.  For some students, this is definitely a more appealing option than writing an essay or story on paper.  My personal favourite is Toondoo as it is facilitiates one step further than a comic strip, that is, the making of a (toon) book.  When you create your comic strips, you need to save your pages in a ‘toonbag’.    Open an account (free), enter your username and password to begin creating.  The speed of loading pages can be a little slow depending on your connection, so be patient (it is worth the effort).  Go to ‘create’ on the startup page and you will see this screen:

Making a book is relatively easy process. When you create your comic strip, you need to save your pages in a ‘toonbag’.  At the ‘start here’ option above,  save your work (click on the disk icon and make sure you check the box ‘save to toonbag’. There are also options to keep your work private or public. Publish your work to save it.

When you have finished collecting pages for your book, go back to the starting page, click on ‘Books’ and dropdown menu will include  ‘my toonbag’.

From your toonbag, you can rearrange your pages and tick the pages you want included in your book.  Click on ‘make a book’ and your book is ready.

Here’s an example of what can be done using Toondoo, a book created by Toondoo user, hainesk, a student, on cyber bullying.   A great classroom tool to bookmark. 

Anyone have any other favourite comic/cartoon resources?

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2 thoughts on “Create a comic/cartoon book

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for writing about ToonDoo, and thanks again for finding our ToonBook feature useful!

    We’ve been overwhelmed by the reception we have got from the global teaching community, and we pledge our attention and dedication to making ToonDoo an even better, more useful tool, to educators worldwide.

    Do you have any specific feature that you would like us to bring on ToonDoo?
    Something that you particularly disliked or found difficult?

    Do write to us at or


    ToonDude from

  2. Hi Rajendran,

    Thanks for your comments. I think it might be helpful to place information re making a book somewhere on the site. Also, would be great to have a library of animals to extend story making. Thanks for a great resource.


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