National Geographic

I may be mentioning a very obvious site for educators and parents,  but I had not really paid much attention to it before until a friend alerted me to its rich supply of resources.  So for anyone else who has overlooked it, the National Geographic website is a great across the curriculum classroom resource. For example, there are videos on each of the topics for the following categories: 

  • Animals: amphibians, birds, bugs, fish, invertebrates, mammals, reptiles
  • Daily news: animal news, cultures and places news, environment news, history news, space and tech news
  • Environment: energy, global warming, going green, habitats, natural disasters, preserve our planet, state of the earth, threats to animals
  • Music: countries, genre, regions
  • Science and space: earth, health and human body, space, technology, weird science

The site also has information on people and cultures, history, adventures and exploration, education, weather and natural forces, and travel.  Information on just about any country in the world can be accessed.  In addition, there is a Kids National Geographic with games, videos, stories and photos for very young children.

It is definitely worth taking a look around!


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