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Not so long ago I wrote a post about Quia an online assessment tool. I was hoping to come across one that offered all Quia’s features, but that was free. Well here it is!  Yaca Paca is a free online assessment tool by Chalkface, powered by Paperless School.  It has thousands of assessment tests, quizzes and courses and a huge range of subjects and different levels.  Besides using the quizzes already prepared, With Yaca Paca you can create your own tests, surveys, quizzes, and website.   Teachers can author their own work, edit and assign e-portfolios.  Students can create fully personalised e-portfolios.  Definitely the best I have seen in online assessment tools.  The direct link to the video will not imbed, so please view it at Yaca Paca.


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3 thoughts on “Online assessment tools

  1. Gee Marie, you are finding a lot of gems and sharing them with us. Keep this going, as I love reading about all the different tools and then wondering which ones I can incorporate into my classes. Would like to know your evaluation of this tool, after use.

  2. Yes it’s great isn’t it, there is so much out there, and it gets better all the time! Impossible to keep track of everything so it is great that so many people are finding and sharing.

  3. These look like great tools. In response to there being “so much out there”, I recently started compiling a free database of as many assessment tools as I can find at
    Feel free to visit the site and add other tools which you have used and would like to share with the wider education community.

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