Mobile phones and brain cancer

Technology is here to stay and we cannot deny the benefits they afford.   I do sometimes wonder whether networks and radiation are silently affecting our health. A recent report, Brain cancer fears over heavy mobile phone use, by a top Australian neurosurgeon has stated that there is a link between mobile phone use and brain tumours.  Vini Khurana (staff specialist neurosurgeon at the Canberra Hospital)  has called for “imediate and decisive steps” to reduce the radiation emitted by mobile phones.   Phone radiation can heat the side of the head “while Bluetooth devices and “unshielded” headsets could “convert the user’s head into an effective, potentially self-harming antenna”.

Definitely a good reason for limiting their use.  Mobile phones have never been my favorite technology. I find them intrusive and annoying (unless in an emergency).  I can’t appreciate the value of being contactable 24/7 (unless in an emergency) and definitely prefer other forms of staying in touch. 

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