Edu 2.0

Edu. 2.0  is an incredible free resource centre for teaching, learning and has a 10,000 plus bank of educational resources.   It provides networking and collaboration in a secure online community.    Teachers can contribute lessons, keep track of assignments, grades, participate in groups and forums.  Plus:

  • Students can create porfolio’s of their best work
  • Conduct surveys with your students
  • Create blogs
  • Games and quizzes
  • Create and share lesson plans
  • Create custom feeds for classes


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One thought on “Edu 2.0

  1. Hello Marie. Thanks for posting about Edu 2.0. I need to take a look at it. Thanks, too, for the encouraging comments you leave on my blog. I think feedback can be just as important for educators who write blogs as it is for the learners in our classrooms. –Paul

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