Blogging for learning

Blogging offers so many opportunites for learners of all ages.  After reading Anne Mirtschin’s 20 reasons why students should blog any educator would be convinced to introduce it into the classroom.  It improves literacy skills,  develops deeper thinking and because it has a wider audience than the traditional teacher-student exchange, promotes self-esteem and confidence plus a whole host of other learning.    Hopefully more and more schools will take it on board across the curriculum.

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One thought on “Blogging for learning

  1. Hey! this is great to see that you are up and running again! Your ejourney has certainly been a checkered one with the problems you have experienced and I love the new theme. I must experiment with mine again. Blogging is a wonderful experience for students and teachers have to experience them first hand to understand the wonderful outcomes that they bring. Look forward to following you as well.

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