Meeting needs: special education learners

Although I have worked in a mainstream school with a group of special learners, this is my first experience in a dedicated special needs environment.  Students have varying needs from low to high.   The challenge for me is to integrate my new found skills to enhance students learning.   I love wikis, blogs, del.ic.ious, twitter and all the resources I come across via my educational networks which totally enrich learning.  My head becomes full with ideas and the potential of all these tools. However,  I am keeping in mind the wise words that I have heard from my teaching buddies (online):  to take baby steps!

My first baby step: to get a computer facility up and running. This felt like a huge endeavour.  I wanted a working space with about five computers.  My goal was to run a technology class for seniors.   It involved borrowing tables from other rooms, sourcing unused computers within the school, putting them together, and the frustration of realising some of them were so old, had no operating systems on, were blocked for use and so on … It took weeks.     As most other schools would have experienced, having computers in the school is not enough, it requires a team effort between teachers, administrators and the powers that be to get them up and running to standard.

My second baby step is to introduce unitiated teachers to wikis, the special needs resources wiki I have put together for their use and samples of what other students in schools are doing such as Anne’s ejourney with technokidsMy third baby step is to introduce the idea of senior students being involved in preparing their own digital portfolios, hopfully as a blog.

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5 thoughts on “Meeting needs: special education learners

  1. Great work. Baby steps are the only way to go. I took too much on at once and I feel I am only coming out of the cyberfog now. Look forward to seeing how this develops.

  2. I have only just found your site and find it to be a wealth of information – thank you!!! I am especially looking forward to your journey and strategies initiating teachers to wikis…. And here we are on the other side of the world….. do we even have “another side of the world” with web 2.0??? Cheers

  3. The world is indeed a small place!!!! On the topic of the unitiated, I am working on this too. We have such a diverse country …. some people don’t even use a bank machine – and they are my age!!!! So I am on the search for how to initiate the unitiated – a wonderful site that you may know about already can be found at, their instructional videos are superb! I left a comment there once … “How to wiki without going to Hawii”….mmmm I love the WWW!!! cheers for now – gail @

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